7 Reasons Why Vilnius is Better Than Riga


Having spent months in both Riga and Vilnius, I have noticed certain differences between the two Baltic capitals. In conclusion, most of my love goes to Vilnius, and here are the reasons.

Public transport

Public transport is cheaper here. A 30-minute ticket for any transport in Vilnius for only 65 EURO cents while in Riga you are required to buy 1.5 h ticket for 1.50 EUR even for the shortest trip. The app is more convenient than Riga's. It lets you to easily find your route and navigate.

Driving your car

Parking a car is simple and cheap. Price in the cheapest zone starts with minimum of 10 cents and 30 cents per hour while in Riga you must spend more for a short parking.
The traffic feels easier to deal with because the roads are better planned and there is little frustration in the peak hours than it is in Riga.


The center of Vilnius seems noticeably safer on Friday and Saturday evenings. Nightlife spots are mostly filled by young locals, while in Riga, groups of loud foreign male tourists can be a bit intimidating.

Grocery stores

Even though we have the same stores as Rimi and Maxima, I find better choices for ready-to-go food in Lithuania than in Riga. There is more variety, better quality, and overall tastier meals (at least for my taste).

The people

People in public places seem more polite and helpful. When walking down the streets anywhere in Riga, I have experienced people coming at me and not trying to free the way. I was usually the only one to walk aside and let others pass.


The so-called sleeping neighborhoods here also seem quieter and safer. In Riga I have often reared loud drunk people by apartment buildings, so I would not go out late in evenings. Here I never noticed such a problem.


Buildings are more often renovated and appealing while in Riga you see a lot of let-down houses. Here is more of the new modern architecture and beautiful city landscapes.

Do you have different impressions? Let me know in the comments.